How to take your health seriously this time.

if you asked anyone what they value most in life, they will say my health.

but when it comes to behaviour, most people's behaviours do not say that they value their health at all.

our behaviours can very easily tell us what we value.

so if we value our health but are not doing anything to improve it, what can we now do differently?

the first thing we should do to start taking our health seriously this time is to understand that it's supposed to be hard.

nobody said it's easy to cook your every meal or to even plan your every meal, no one said it's easy to schedule at least 3 times a week to workout.

the easier we accept that it's supposed to be hard, the sooner we'll stop complaining and actually start doing the thing. 

after accepting that it's supposed to be hard, we have to start looking for what we actually need to do and what we need to stop doing.

Start by naming 3 things you do wrong that you know are wrong.

what you need to stop doing might even be more important that what you need to do.

you probably already know the things you need to stop doing, it might be:

- eating all the time

- having sugar every day in every meal

- never making a meal at home and always ordering food

- hanging out every day with people with bad health habits

- deep frying food in oil

pick what you do wrong and start working on 3 of them right away, do not expect to be perfect at first.

remember, old habits die hard.

this step is about sacrifice.

some people say you get in life what you want, some say you get what you wait for, but in reality, we usually only get what we are willing to sacrifice for.

the following step is about the doing, what can I do to make myself healthier?

it's better to choose a school to follow, instead of listening to a billion school, like veganism, keto, carnivore.. and so on.

research time is good and valuable but do not just stay there.

research until you find a school that resonates with you but then try it with every cell of your being, do not half do it.  and do not confuse yourself with what else is out there.

we are now sinking in information, it's coming to a point where it's really hard to pick a lane. so pick a lane and stick to it for some time until you can tell if it really works.

it helps to also get a mentor, someone you can look up to, someone you can aspire to be like one day.

if you are arrogant, you'll hate that step. but no one ever succeeded starting from scratch. even when we say it's "self learning", we still learn from other people whether through books, articles or videos.

so find yourself a good mentor that will guide you and you don't have to know them personally, you can just know them through a screen.

I once heard one of my favourite rite YouTubers Andrew Kirby said: "it used to be the average of the people you hang out with and it's now the average of the content you consume". 

we are now highly affected by everyone we follow on all platforms, so pick your mentors wisely.


take your health seriously, it's your biggest asset.




Waad Amin


Nutritionist - YouTuber - Content Creator 


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